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    Ideal Music Management offers Distribution!
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    Ideal Music Management launches distribution through INgrooves/Universal. In addition to our state of the art digital music promotion offers, we will now provide a full suite of distribution services to help independent labels and content owners manage their music, with delivery to more than 600 destinations in over 200 territories worldwide. We will now provide […]

    Mediabase launches new chart
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    Mediabase, a division of RCS that provides charts to the music industry, has announced the launch of the new Mediabase Dance airplay chart. It’s a 30-position ranking chart posted each Sunday night at mediabase.com. The seven charter reporters include WXJZ-FM/Gainesville FL, KYLI-FM/Las Vegas, WPTY-FM/Nassau-Suffolk, KNHC-FM/Seattle, iHeartRadio’s “Evolution,” Music Choice “Dance” and SiriusXM’s “BPM.” RCS-Media Monitors-Mediabase […]

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    NPR Reports Pandora Has A ‘Deal’ To Favor Certain Artist
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    Pay For Favoring? Is PANDORA accepting payment for playing certain songs? Not exactly, but NPR reports, “a deal between PANDORA and a group of record labels has raised concerns that the company is favoring certain songs over others because it’s paying the musicians behind those songs a smaller royalty.” While technically not payola, a new […]

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    The nifty direct-to-fan platform Bandcamp has confirmed its plan to offer individual subscription platforms to artists, allowing them to share new material, merchandise and other goodies with their fans. Artists will select their subscription rate and then make all of their music available to subscribers as soon as it is released, either as a download or […]

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    Warner Music is first major label to sign licensing deal with SoundCloud
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    Warner Music Group became the first major record label to strike a licensing deal with SoundCloud, the German audio streaming website. The alliance, announced Tuesday, is a major victory for SoundCloud, which is hoping to build up a catalogue of major artists to attract listeners to both its existing free service and a subscription service […]

  • Radio’s Future Dictated By Teens
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    A recent Piper Jaffray report focused on the behaviors of teenagers and the consequence of trends in those behaviors. One of the questions asked teens what percentage of their time was spent listening to music in the following categories: mp3′s, Pandora, local radio, other streaming radio (e.g., Spotify, Songza, etc.), CD’s, or SiriusXM. The result: […]

  • Streaming Rates Should Reflect Competitive Market
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    In a filing with the CRB on Tuesday, NAB said the Copyright Royalty Board should start anew in setting license fees for radio stations’ streaming services that more accurately reflect rates that would be agreed upon by a willing buyer and willing seller in a competitive market. The trade group claims that “previous license rates […]